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About Vintiques

Vintiques offers a range of vintage lighting and design pieces. Buying specific pieces is not our focus, we only buy what we personally like. We share our personal taste with the world of collectors, enthousiasts and interior designers. In order to keep our stock attractive we search local flea markets, antique fairs, auctions and the internet.  All this to help you create beautiful living spaces. Our items can travel the world, wheter you are located in the USA or the UK, we are organized to ship everything from small lamps to large credenzas.
All the best


Since my 19th I became obsessed by vintage items. This happened when I was emptying my grand parent's house and sold the items on a local flea market. Since that day, I never wanted to do anything else then buying and selling vintage items. Today I enjoy searching for new pieces and giving these objects a new home in our modern world.

About Me

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